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(Picture: A Good Example)
1. Did you ever plan on something to happen on schedule, and then the plans were changed?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

2. Has the telephone ever rang while you were doing something important?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

3. Has your boss ever given you too much work...and a deadline?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

4. Have you ever been waiting in a long line, getting near to the time you know
you have to be someplace else?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

5. Have you ever lost or misplaced your keys? [A Classic]
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

6. Have you ever been hungry, but had NO food or money?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

7. Have you ever been stuck in traffic?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

8. Did you ever realize that something you had once believed in can't be trusted any longer?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

9. Have you ever been in pain, but had to wait for relief to kick-in?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!

10. Did anyone ever cut ahead of you in line?
If YES, then you've probably experienced FRUSTRATION!



---Frustration, we can see, comes into play when we have an idea to go a certain way...and, we are told we must go another. Our expectations are thwarted. We are inclined to go one way, but are forced to go another.
---We find that this plays out many, many times in our lives. We have one set of ideas, but others have other ideas about what is to be done. We have to learn the art of compromise. It is NOT a bad thing to become acquainted with as we travel.

---Frustrations, big or small, have one thing that they INTERNALLY all have in common. No matter what makes up your life, frustration is based on where you are in life vs. your own potential. It is always between what you are/do, up against our natural talents to do things. Learning how to best deal with these obstacles to growth is the way we learn our life lessons to grow and reach our potential. This all becomes very hairy when our survival comes into the mix.  We have to learn attitudes that repair our ways of handling them. We may need help.

---Whenever we are thwarted in our attempts to grow, we will experience frustration. Stress goes hand-in-hand with frustration much of the time. Frustration can be a prelude to learning. Usually, there is something that is good to know around the corner.

---The FRUSTRATION QUIZ is just a small way we see that frustration is potentially there all-the-time. It may be helpful to write down your biggest oppressive situations. Also, write down times you have been the oppressor. OR, you can have yourself a fun, safe time this NEW YEAR'S and come back to it sometime in the near future. Be Well and Happy New Year!

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---This may spur you on to listen to her TEDtalks + YouTubes.

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What Realization Helps Stop Us Hating?


---You can have one realization that stops you from disliking other people. It is the realization that keeps others off of any negative list we may have. Realization: You don’t hate or dislike the other person or people, but hate or dislike the behavior that is used.

---When you look into this a bit more deeply we find that it generally the behavior or attitude of other people (or our own) that causes ALL the problems. That’s what we find ourselves reacting to.

---To go a step further into this cave…we find that the values one has, directs what attitudes + behaviors the person uses. If the values change, than usually the attitudes + behaviors change.

---Attitudes + behaviors can be like coats folks put-on or take-off. If someone is doing something we don’t particularly like or saying something we find irritating they are probably wearing a garment from ‘’His Own Values Store’’ that we don’t like. The opposite is true if we find we like something.


---If we want to make changes in our attitudes and behaviors - we have to make changes in the values to insure any lasting changes are made. Peoples values are difficult to mess with as they reflect how they believe life works and are set very deeply inside. Wherever one truly finds himself in this crazy thing we call life and living PROBABLY/UNDOUBTEDLY has a value system that backs it up. And…it was PROBABLY/UNDOUBTEDLY set in place by a deep-seated reason why it is there. If we want the best for others than we will undoubtedly think good thoughts. If we don’t want what is best for others and treat them negatively, we will probably find that the way we have been treating others is the way we ’’are and will be’’ treated - negatively. It will be this way until…we make a positive change in our values…to remedy the situation. That’s why it pays well to treat others kindly or find out why we don‘t. Check your values! This could be the most important thing that you have ever done. Be Well.

(You will find positive values take root much easier than anything negative...if we tend to be positive)

---If you find you have a strong prejudice based on something beyond the annoyances of behaviors, than maybe you should talk to someone to help you delve more deeply into it.