Monday, December 11, 2017




 ---Guilt is in the past. If you had done something in your past that isn’t cool with you, it has a way of haunting ALL you do. You find that if you worry about your future it probably means that something in your past has been reawakened (Or, is still awake. You have yet learned all it has to teach you.) You are projecting into the future from something in your past.

---The more able you are to stay in the present, the clearer your thoughts will be. Your past activities (the part of your past you haven’t been cool with) are now clear and you will find that you are able to correct your past behavior…so, you are now good with what you were not good with.

---As things of your past life slough off and you LEARN + GROW, you will find that it is easier to stay in the present and will NOT be swooped back into the past projecting futures that are probably NOT accurate. You may realize that your past was, actually, your present. (Don't worry that could be said for many of us.) The errant behavior that easily pulled you back into the past has lessened and will no longer have the same force it once did. It has become less forceful and you will have actually…GROWN.

---As you find yourself growing you should realize that LIFE is just a journey to be more ‘’rooted’’ in the present moment. As time moves forward you should find that you are more rooted in the present. Be Well.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


What is Being Heard + Taken Seriously?

---Let us first state what we think that folks need to hear and be taken seriously about. I think that most people want to know they are OKAY! That it is okay to be who they are. A simple ‘yes’ may NOT be sufficient. Folks need to be convinced that it is ALRIGHT to be who they are. Of course the answer is ‘yes’…but, it is amazing that when push really comes to shove…how much that FACT is NOT known.

---The unfortunate part that can happen is that one begins to compete + compare himself with his neighbor to discover the answer to this question. He looks AT his neighbor and answers his own question. He answers the question by knowing if he is doing better than the neighbor…or, if he’s a better person than his neighbor. The answer comes in terms of how he is doing compared to his neighbor and is really NOT the answer he is looking for. (It is about doing/being the best you possibly can be.)

---Being convinced that he is heard and taken seriously frees one to then leave that question behind and be secure with who one is. When someone truly knows that it is okay to be himself…NOT just in comparison to others, one begins to enjoy living fully. He no longer needs to prove what he hopes the answer to be…and moves on to enjoy his new found freedom.

---When one is truly heard and taken seriously…he now has more quality in his life. He has been freed from discovering that answer to the dynamic which plagues most people until they answer it. Am I ’GOOD ENOUGH?’ When he is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the answer is YES...he will be free. Until then, everything that he does will always have that as part of what he wants to know - am I good enough?

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017



---This goes to ALL nurses, volunteers or just anyone in general who works as a CARE PARTNER in any sense. On the other-side...the song - HELP! The BEATLEs - goes to all who have learned (sometimes the hard way) that they may have to eventually ''bite-that-bullet'' and allow themselves to be HELPED.

---I still don't think that we have maximized on this dynamic the best way that we can. Everyone that needs help doesn't necessarily ''fit'' with everyone who wants to give HELP. And...of course, the opposite is true.

---In the course of my writing one should see that I really believe that it behooves both sides to find a partner they can relate to. As being on the patient's side for such a longtime...I will work on what I see the relationship should be instead of what I perceive it to be often.

---It keeps me awake some nights to find an answer we can all live with. I honestly don't feel that it will take much TWEAKING...but, we all must pull together to make it happen.

---Over the years I have found that a simple turn in the relationship is that both sides BE KIND to one another. If people act kindly to each other many things that seem so impossible would simply NOT BE.
Being KIND would work wonders. Be Well!

(There does exist a liability issue at times. If any question exists...ASK your supervisor. He/she will clear this up.)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Top Ten List of BLAMERs (CLICK)


---Blame is one of those things that happens MUCH too often. It usually rears its’ head when something we are responsible for isn’t as good as it’s as it is thought it is suppose to be. The ball has been dropped.  NEGATIVE FEEDBACK starts to fly and the EXCUSES come out. The FINGERs start pointing. We usually, then, go the whole 9 yards (if necessary) BLAMING whomever is necessary to make ourselves look good. We SAVE FACE. An old friend that I think is responsible for much that is wrong with the world. We get defensive and then we SAVE FACE. We throw whomever we deem necessary under the bus to exonerate ourselves from any responsibility (blame.)  I would like to say here that even with all of this going on…if there is any credit left on the table we do our best to scoop THAT UP.


 ---We usually admit that we may have done something wrong only as a last resort. At present we seem to get very stuck on who is to blame and his/her other obvious faults that have allowed the follow through and resolution to slip away. Somehow identifying where the blame lies AND who is to be hanged in effigy takes precedence over finding a remedy to the problem. By lowering the bar on most fronts gives us spare time to deservedly berate who he or she is that deserves the blame in our mind. The person being blamed ends up looking so faulty that it is amazing that his input was so necessary in the first place and that he was even allowed to be on the team.

 ---Instead of everyone blaming everyone, we just recognize how rampart it runs and that in general people aren’t very responsible. They are very good at saving face taking credit for things that make them look good. But, folks just can’t basically handle being blamed. People will throw MOM under the bus sometimes if things are getting too bad. We have to learn – People Don’t Always HAVE TO Look Perfect. One learns THROUGH trial and error. Man makes mistakes on the way to learning and more/less on a regular basis. The more difficult we make it to make a mistake the more difficult we make learning itself. I really think that we should reevaluate our attitude to mistake making, blame, saving face and lightening-up on the whole thing. It is a way that we keep the game and the players in a constant state of check. The only way out is to face embarrassment. Folks do toughen up through this procedure AND they learn valuable life lessons, but usually try to avoid this at all costs. If we have learned anything from the many sex scandals we are seeing, everything has a way of coming back. I think it behooves us to put things in order. It behooves us to own up and take responsibility for what we have done. We have all made mistakes in many different fields. There is nobody who is exempt from this. Remember that it is always worse thinking about facing something than the actual facing of it. The verdict is in and we are ALL GUILTY of something or other. We should stop whatever negative things we may be doing. As a response to all this…WE GROW! WE LEARN! Eventually…we are propelled to higher levels when all the pain/discomfort we caused…is resolved.  We begin again and STOP being pulled back down. Be accountable and take responsibility. Be Well.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017