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Victoria Sweet Realization
(from the book)

---There was a patient at onetime who was dying of cancer. She actually had a tumor where the eye once was. Though, not a patient of Dr. Sweet, the woman wanted to speak to her about something important. Dr. Sweet had trepidation's, but went to the bed despite it all.

---With ALL the woman had to talk about, she spoke of one thing. She, basically, hadn’t spoken to the doctor before this. She leaned in and the woman said, ‘’I want to talk about the food.’’ And, another concern the patient had was if she could get ''eyeglasses for her 'good' eye so that she could read again?''

---The accompanying realization was the beginning of the doctor realizing that, after-a-time, residents/patients still are most times concerned with things they have control of and have made a certain peace with some of the larger issues that Dr. Sweet thought was the problem. Many times it is the small things that are the problems. Big and small were now issues that were very different animals to both.

This is a HUGE point of contention! ---I have had much the same experience. And I think that others may relate, also. The priorities change. Staff cannot understand why residents think that such-a-small-issue is the issue…when, clearly, to them, there is so much to deal with. It must be such-and-such. This is HUGE point of contention. I feel that a very basic point of difference comes when a staff person projects what the resident is thinking/feeling. The staff puts his/her own biases right in the way. Be Well.

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---I came upon these great MIGHTY NURSE cartoons a couple of weeks ago. I think they are very poignant. I hope that you find that they capture a certain segment of the life of a nurse and enjoy them as much as I do. If you are interested in seeing more of their merchandise - GOOGLE mighty nurse images. Be Well.

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What Needs To Be Heard?

What Needs To Be Heard?

---People ask what kinds of things do people carry with them that needs to be heard? What are the things that folks carry that need to be reckoned with? They are usually negative experiences that happened in childhood that they/we were NOT able to really deal with. Or, it could be anything that gets in the way of expressing ourselves as we want.

---As we see a bird or a bee go from flower to flower we see that we should be able to go from situation to situation with the same type of freedom. BUT…when many here ventured out to go from flower (situation) to flower (situation,) many of us weren’t prepared for what we encountered. Many of us met with adversity and were deflated during the experience. We felt worthless or discouraged and vowed that we would never try that again. Many have lived under the guise that if one doesn’t try at least one doesn’t fail.

---We see the flower to be a good match for the bee and/or bird. Though situations do exist that rival the bird, bee and flower...many do NOT. And...though the situations are there to teach us our lessons, we may find ourselves reeling in the process at times. Eventually, we should end up with the bee, bird and flower situation...but we sometimes find we may have a heap of learning to do along the way before we get there.

---Some are busy telling us the things that we can NOT do. That is when the power of YET comes in handy. Most things that we are told we can NOT do changes very suddenly when we add YET to the statement. If the truth be told we are told something that we can NOT do...YET! Give us some time with it to apply some necessary effort to it and we are now prepared to meet the challenge.

---What needs to be heard is all the negativity and lack of encouragement to turn the curses of those experiences into blessings. Instead of being beaten down completely by all that happened, we pick ourselves up, learn from the experience and plunge ever so vigilantly to our goal into the same line again and again...getting closer and closer to a touchdown. Somehow we are driven to continue. To be encouraged to achieve and accomplish something that one feels has value, can be a wonderful thing. What needs to be heard are all the things that does NOT allow one to experience a freedom to grow and appreciate. If one has never had these things in his/her life, one may not know what I’m even talking about. One realizes that the line that one has been plunging into is made up of ALL the discouragements and negativity that have beaten us down in the first place.

---What Needs To Be Heard -

In General - II

---I worked as a counselor in my life and though we each have a unique story unto ourselves…one can see patterns that do emerge. When someone tells his story it doesn’t take very long until he begins to reveal how he sees things. If one listens intently, one quickly gets a sense of the person whose talking. And, generally, eventually one can tell if he/she is on the same page(s) or not.

---If one speaks with someone long enough It doesn’t take long to find his/her anger button. I listen to the kinds of things he/she laughs at and generally get a lot of data as to the type of person he/she is. For example, if someone laughs at others, he probably does a lot of competing and comparing with others.

---If people hold grudges a lot, they are probably still blaming someone for their present situation. People do much better when they take responsibility in their life. Even if they take total responsibility for laughing at the things they laugh at…they will find it reveals much about the kind of person they are. If someone is successful at something, their reaction to his success tells much about them. If they are threatened by it, it is one thing. To be happy because of it...well, that is another.

---And those times in life that we may feel we like or love someone who does NOT feel the same. We feel unloved and rejected. We feel unrequited and unsatisfied...distress to the pit of our stomach and we see no relief in sight. We may realize those unrequited feelings may reflect how our relationship with life has been. Those feelings must be dealt with.

---To make a long story short...1] the things that need to be heard are the things that further the self expression of the individual without hurting others and 2] the confidence to learn that it is better to be who one is in the process and to NOT compete and/or compare oneself with others to see how we are doing. Be Well.

A Draft That Be Added To Or Subtracted From At Anytime.

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---I’d like to speak of the situation Galileo found himself in many years ago and how it resembles the modern day position of many people. He believed the truth that the earth circled the sun instead of the common belief that the sun circled the earth. People in his day believed that the sun circled the earth AND being written that way in the bible…made it easy for folks to accept that falsehood. Frankly, with the limited sight and instruments, it is very easy to understand why many thought that.

---Galileo built a telescope and began to see a larger version of what most had been referring to and was able to see things that were never seen. He saw something in his new vision that contradicted conventional wisdom and the bible (which was seen by many as the literal word of God.) Galileo was persecuted and punished for stating what he saw. He was called a heretic by the masses who still had a limited vision and believed the conventional wisdom that the sun circled the earth…thinking Galileo was, hence, being wrong. He was called a heretic for holding his beliefs...which were true. He decided not to be a martyr for his cause, as he realized that the truth as he understood it...will come out eventually. A very shrewd move on his part.

---Today, many are in a similar boat that Galileo found himself. There still seem many who hold the belief that making others well somehow doesn't involve making folks well in a holistic manner. They seem more involved with relieving the pain without going to the heart of the matter. There seems a faction of society unconvinced that the negativity of the patient has much to do with the cause of the discomfortWe live in a very pill-oriented society. We seem to want a medication to address every bad attitude. I think that many folks would be happier if they pursued a GROWTH MINDSET instead of remaining in a FIXED MINDSET. They find themselves held in check by others with a FIXED MINDSET. (Much like the blind leading the blind.)

---Psychologist Abraham Maslow said that our only real rival is our own potential. The FIXED MINDSET is NOT concerned with reaching one's own potential. It is mainly concerned with appearing to reach our own potential without giving away the fact that we haven't reached it. We become more concerned with saving face than with actual growth.

---A GROWTH MINDSET is much more concerned with actually growing and (by growing) heads naturally in that direction. The cure comes from teaching the residents to express themselves in a civil, caring manner, not dominating others with fear, and by working together and building a society based on caringness, mutual-respect and togetherness. Be Well.

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A Patient's Tenets

---1. The idea that to get anything that you really need, one has to begin the process by giving it. This is essentially the Golden Rule. Whatever behavior that you want shown to you usually begins with you showing that behavior to others. Whether it be hate, love, respect, disrespect, etc., if you want others to treat you kindly then it behooves you to treat others kindly. (Biggest mistake is waiting to be treated the way you want...first.)

---2. Another thing that the patient needs to enjoy living is to be heard and to be taken seriously. Folks must learn how to listen to the resident/patient. They must learn to hear what the resident/patient says. Then he must take him/her seriously. Both are very important and makes a big difference to those who experience this. When this happens for the patient, and he is assured that this has taken place, it frees him to NOT worry about being heard or taken seriously. He will begin to experience more quality in his/her life. His level of enjoyment will skyrocket. Everything will look up. He/she will know himself in a much deeper way, through this process.

---3. Learning that through the power of YET…one can learn and grow beyond what he/she may have originally thought. One may go from a FIXED MINDSET to a GROWTH MINDSET more easily when one is convinced it may happen. With the knowing of the power of YET, things that aren’t known YET, can now be learned. It is NOW known, through scientific study, that all folks can improve and grow. Understanding effort is the key!

This is a DRAFT and may be added to at anytime... 

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God's Hotel by Dr. Victoria Sweet

NY Times Book Review

Here are some things I found online

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---According to ALL the literature…it ALL points to one thing, ‘’the happier the resident, the better his physical body responds to getting better.’’ Some doctors are even linking that what is wrong with the patient, can be found to have its roots in the psyche. Clearing up the root cause of the unhappiness usually unblocks the cause for the illness. What is wrong in the thinking can be affecting the body in a negative way and be responsible for the condition it’s in. We see that the way a person thinks has much to do with the way he feels.

---This ALL translates into a ‘’happy patient results in a better recovery.’’ We have on the other-side…a more negative response to life making it more difficult to recover. Misery loves company.

---Thinking positive thoughts and the positive affect they have on the body has been known for a very longtime. Confucius even had a quote along those lines thousands of years ago.

---It is important to tell the truth to yourself. The benefits are well worth it. Sometimes the thoughts that we have are pretty negative. That is why it is good to have someone to talk to…to get things off of our chests. We can have two negative people get together at times and realize that the ‘’bond’’ they have created can be very positive. Two negatives can make a positive - and this works in human behavior, also.

---Keep your thoughts positive and you do yourself a favor. If you listen to your body or other nay sayers you may be dragged into the swamps of how your body feels. Honestly...think good thoughts and of good times and you will be doing yourself a world of good. Take Care.

---I would, also, like to add that this applies to a more rapid turnover at the hospital, itself. If folks are made well, sooner...they are more ready to move on to their next step in life (whatever that may be.) Above published 2/2013.

Patient Happiness (update)
written 4/1/17

---Happiness is still the attitude we hope for a patient. The happier that he or she is plays in a big way in favor of healing. If he or she is very receptive + accepting of the whole getting well process…then the whole hospital stay will undoubtedly go smoother.

---As we have stated in the past it is essential for the patient to feel that he has been heard and has been taken seriously in his life. Though this situation is something that applies to all of us…this has direct ramifications to the under served population. It seems that people are Laguna Honda patients directy depending on how much they have been heard or taken seriously in there life. Through lack of encouragement at proper times or being given the respect deserved and needed by all children there seems a certain amount of folks that appear as lost souls (never having been heard or taken seriously.) Achievement and accomplishment tends to be low. They spend a lot of time trying not to come across as dysfunctional as they feel sometimes. They find they easily get addicted to or use things to excess that end up being detrimental to there the long run. 


---It, also, has been made clear to me that the benefits of having a GROWTH MINDSET is far and away better than the FIXED MINDSET many of the under served population contend with. One realizes that there is more to life than being a couch potato. They are NOT shown much of anything, but are supposed to have the correct answers, anyway. There is more going on than just worrying if someone will find out how much you know. You will learn how to learn and, actually, know things. One feels part of things as opposed to feeling excluded from things. One has joined the land of the living again. One has a brand new outlook on life and living. Be Well.

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---The NUTSHELL VERSION of SLOW MEDICINE as written about by Dr. Victoria Sweet (God's Hotel) seems to be to allow the viriditas (much of the discovery is attributed to Hildegard of Bingen, who was a doctor and nun of the twelfth century) to do its’ work (If you will) unopposed.  To me it is much the same as ‘’things will heal if we let them’’ - we cut our finger and it heals over time. Could you imagine what life would be like if it didn't?

Terry Becker Story

---What Dr. Carol Dweck has done is apply this same concept to learning. Through the power of yet…we have, (if you will) the finger that is cut, and (through the work of the viriditas) will heal if allowed. Or, we can say, the finger that is is NOT healed, YET - will heal if allowed.

---The FIXED MINDSET of Carol Dweck doesn’t allow the viriditas to work. It opposes it from completing its’ task. In the same sense, we see that by adding the concept of YET to The FIXED MINDSET Statement, we have allowed the viritidas to do its’ thing and complete what is set in motion to do - to repair things. The FIXED MINDSET, now…becomes GROWTH MINDSET!

---In both cases, we have the natural process of healing being interfered with (or thwarted by) something, that when removed - the natural flow is once again established. It is much the same as a dam in a river being removed so the water can flow again. When the dam is in place, we can say the water doesn’t flow…or flow YET. When the dam is removed the water can flow and NOT be interfered with. Yet implies that waters flow is being interfered with and can flow under different conditions.

---The bedsore of Terry Becker, the patient of Dr. Sweet was NOT healed YET…living the lifestyle of being on the streets with her boyfriend. She was definitely in a FIXED MINDSET at the beginning. The dam was removed when she stopped living like that (stopped opposing the viriditas from working) and began working with life (the viriditas) and became one with the healing. Her mindset changed to a GROWTH MINDSET during this process. It was then pretty much the same as the finger being healed of the cut. It will if you allow it. That's the way our universe is set up. Be Well.

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Carol Dweck - The POWER of YET...again!

The POWER of YET. 
Shows that the concept, 'YET,' can change a FIXED MINDSET Statement into a GROWTH MINDSET Statement.

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NURSING HOME - Doesn't have be EDEN ALT.

---This short talk could be about long-term care, anywhere!

---SYMBIOTIC – when the staff depends on the resident/patient as much as the resident/patient depends on the staff. To go a step further...the patient needs the staff to lead as normal (for him) a life as possible. The opposite is true for the staff. His job is to help the patient achieve all of the above. The better the rapport, the better the necessary harmony that leads to improvement.

---The concern of the Nursing Home is for the patient to reach the highest and truest of himself. The patient should thrive + prosper in accord with his abilities, talents and intelligence. The job + goal of the staff is to make this happen (as much as possible) for the patient. Going from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset will accomplish this. Be Well.

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FEAR and The POWER of YET!

A Growth Mindset

 When I Was Young I Was Told
To Stay Out-of-the-Street
A Car May Hit You
So Be Safe

As I Got Older
My Intelligence Grew
I Was Allowed To
Cross At The Light

Intelligence Gave Me
The Ability To
Negotiate The Situation

I Feared The Traffic
Until I Was Able
To Understand It
Many Things In My Life
Had That Dynamic

Fear Until I Understood It!
Mountains Go Back To Molehills
Once Again, The
Playing Field Is Level

To Me, Fear Is Just NOT
Understanding Things...YET!

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---This may be the biggest news since ‘’sliced bread.’’ People can learn, change + grow. There is scientific evidence backed up by multitudes of studies by research psychologist Professor Carol Dweck of Stanford University. She has many talks on YouTube, including four TEDtalks, written a book called MINDSET detailing much of what she has discovered and has had many ‘’successes’’ implementing the GROWTH MINDSET into different Companies and Corporations throughout the world. She, also, has many people reviewing and touting her material speaking very positively in her regard.


---She, basically, sees folks as having one of two mindsets on different issues of life and of life itself. Those who see with a FIXED MINDSET see, like eye color, they have been given a certain, fixed amount of intelligence, talent and abilities and are supposed to make the best of things until the end. This is how I was taught and I’ll bet it applies to many. Those folks who see life through a GROWTH MINDSET lens, see that the intelligence,  talent and abilities that one may have been given…are like muscles that grow and develop the more they are used. Even if one starts as the proverbial 97 lb. weakling, through some effort, something can be done about it.

---I have said this before but think it bears repeating. On one of her TEDtalks, she speaks of the power of YET. She found that if that concept is added to most FIXED MINDSET statements, they become GROWTH MINDSET statements. Examples would be ‘’I don’t know this’’ BECOMES – ‘’I don’t know this YET!’’ ‘’I don’t have the answer’’ BECOMES – ‘’I don’t have the answer YET!’’ A door to the future has opened and you suddenly  find yourselves on a learning curve. You are no longer stuck and are now able to move. She says, ‘’we will NOT all be EINSTEIN at the end, but we will ALL be better than we were.’’ Another example we have is Ebenezer Scrooge going from a FIXED MINDSET (saw life to be only one way) to a GROWTH MINDSET (opened to a much broader way of seeing things.)

(WARNING: Very Dramatic)

---I have never met Carol Dweck but would like to. I recommend her book MINDSET, talks, etc., to staff, resident, volunteer or any concerned citizen wanting to make the world a better place. It sounds like the material would work wonders with individual lives or hospital-wide to work with the Culture of Laguna Honda. I think we would ALL benefit from her material…whether in a small or big way. Going from a FIXED MINDSET to a GROWTH MINDSET on ANYTHING and/or EVERYTHING…sounds like a good idea to me. Be Well.

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MINDSET by Carol Dweck

Promoting that all people can learn, change + grow!

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Three Words That Will Change Your Life
Dr. Mark Holder (5 mins)

---To see how this fits into our FIXED or GROWTH MINDSET. The three words are ‘tell me more’ or something of that sort. It shows that someone is actually listening to us and is interested enough in what we are saying to have us continue. When this happens…we automatically go from a FIXED to a GROWTH MINDSET with positive feedback from the one doing the listening. Being heard + taken seriously by someone has very positive benefits for he who is being listened to.

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---Becoming immersed in The MINDSET concept. Different but, familiar.

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---Your MINDSET is being realized as very important.

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Carol Dweck

---We will use the language of Carol Dweck. She seems to deal in much the same things that cause many of the problems that I see at LHH. She has many talks on YouTube including four TEDtalks that are simple and very good. Her research and conclusions seem prevalent in our discussions.

---She doesn’t talk of the value system we start with per se as she feels that it will all change for the better when one has the mindset that fosters growth. The crux of her material seems to be The FIXED MINDSET vs. The GROWTH MINDSET.

---She defines the two as The FIXED MINDSET and The GROWTH MINDSET. The FIXED MINDSET - Talents, intelligence and abilities are at a fixed amount and you either have them or not, continuing from there doing the best you can. The goal is to never look dumb. Always look smart whether you are familiar with the subject or not. GROWTH MINDSET People realize that these talents, intelligence and abilities can be developed through EFFORT…learning to go from a FIXED to a GROWTH MINDSET. What you have is just a starting point...NO MATTER WHERE THAT IS.

---I see this pertaining to the situation at LHH in this way. Many are seen as having a FIXED MINDSET. They fit the spelled out criteria to a tee. This can and will be remedied if the research and insights of Carol Dweck and her colleagues are truly adopted at LHH. I find myself supporting much of what Carol D., says along these lines as I find it (and she) supports my own viewpoint quite well.  I would like to have coffee with Carol Dweck...if that could be arranged. (Just Kidding, sort of.) 

---She addresses something that I think is monumental. For years I have seen saving face to be one of biggest problems in our society. We hate to look bad. We say and do most anything to avoid this from being the case. People have a VERY easy time lying. We lie at times even when the truth would seem to serve just as well. NOT telling the truth, to fudge things just enough to have ourselves coming out smelling the least incriminated for our actions…seems to be the way. We very rarely report accurately if our reputation is on the line. At the same time, we are ready to throw practically anyone under the bus if it serves our purpose. Going from a FIXED to GROWTH MINDSET addresses that it is okay NOT to be perfect. To NOT allow mistakes can severely hamper ones growth. Her research addresses the downside of saving face in a way that makes one glad to be rid of it. To my way of thinking…this is a HUGE MOVE!

---Carol Dweck speaks of changing from a FIXED MINDSET (which many of us have) to a GROWTH MINDSET. The joys of learning and development and achieving are now in place (and where they actually should be) and one derives pleasure from developing his own talents. Everyone can partake in this. It usually takes learning or relearning that it is okay to NOT be perfect to begin with. She feels that many of us have a FIXED MINDSET because we were victimized by a reward system that sent incorrect messages that we in turn interpreted in a way that shows how our value lies in how smart, clever and perfect we are. It really DOESN’T matter where we begin this path from a FIXED MINDSET to a GROWTH MINDSET. What matters is that we begin.

---She, also, speaks of a valuable tool that we can use. It is the power of YET. We simply place the concept of yet at the end of a FIXED MINDSET statement/value and it becomes a GROWTH MINDSET statement/value. An example, ‘’I don’t know this…becomes, I don’t know this YET!’’ Another example, ‘’I haven’t learned this…becomes, I haven’t learned this YET!’’ Someone may have to sit with us and explain things for awhile, but there is very little that can’t be grasped eventually. We won't all become Einstein, but we will all become better AND closer to reaching and expressing our potential. A few things may have to be taught to get us up to speed, but the right kind of practice is worth its weight in gold. Being unteachable doesn’t happen often. There are very few people who don’t need to know something. There are very few who are not teachable from either knowing everything to those who are unable to learn something. Remember: Pavlov trained a pigeon to pull a lever to produce food. If we are above Einstein or below a pigeon, we probably don’t need this. The rest of us should maybe listen to a few Carol Dweck YouTubes. All patients will benefit from being seen with a GROWTH MINDSET than a FIXED MINDSET. That, also, includes patients with dementia...because the culture will be changed for the better. Be Well.

This is a draft and may be changed without warning!

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MINDSET Book Recommendation (5 mins)

A School That Keeps on Learning (9 mins)

How You Can Fulfill Your Potential? (10 mins)

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---Not a whole lot of new material, but a good overview of what Carol Dweck presents. A short piece by Sir Ken, but I see how it is easier to grasp her material and how much, more relevant it could be for our situation. The picture is an illustration of how neurons connect synapses in the brain when learning takes place.

I posted many of SIR KEN's talks a few years ago. Much were concerned with how ''Schools are ruining our creativity!'' He was talking of ways to create an education system that took the whole individual into account...and NOT just mental intelligence.

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CAROL DWECK: ''The Growth Mindset'' Talks at Google

At about 24 mins she speaks of ways to add ''Growth Mindset'' to your place of business.

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Here is a subject that many can relate to.