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---This clearly states what I was trying to say in my essay. There is much material covered here.

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---Under the LEAN management technique developed by Toyota we are asked to add value and minimize waste. We have to first and foremost be sure that we VALUE the customer we have. If we are to apply the LEAN management technique to the hospital, we have to be sure we VALUE the resident/patient to begin the process.

---This may NOT be as easy as it seems because I really feel that this has been the problem all along. We really don’t value the resident/patient. Before anyone gets bent out of shape and finds that statement completely outrageous...let’s take a good look at this.

---Often the resident/patient sees himself as having little value. It has been something handed to him by his/her parents or guardians who were unable to encourage him/her properly. They, themselves, were victimized and mishandled by well-meaning folks who really had NO CLUE how to do this either. Since the dawn of time, we (this includes me, also) have been a bunch of clueless people NOT knowing how to value one another. Many are in this same boat...staff and resident, alike (as well as many in the population.) Even though we may want to, it is difficult to assign who is at fault and should be blamed for all this. That is why blame does not get us anywhere in the long run. Instead of looking for someone to blame, we'd do much better working on the remedy.

---Another thing that the resident/patient does (sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly) is he/she defies being liked, loved or accepted by being unlikable, unlovable or unacceptable. Through a contrariness, he becomes exactly what you don’t like so as to challenge you or to prove a point, etc. At least he/she is getting some attention (and this may be more than he has ever gotten for anything else he has ever tried in his entire life.) Being a resident/patient finds that some find satisfaction in playing and being the/a lost cause. They would rather suffer for their rightness that to give in and join. I, myself, have spent some time in this boat in my younger days. ‘’Being TOO complicated for anyone to figure out.’’ When real acceptance enters the mix, that's when we find things changing.

---This is what works for me now, and maybe the saving grace in the whole thing. It is in knowing that this statement is true - ‘’We ALL have VALUE but ALL DON’T REALIZE THIS, YET.’’ This statement is as true for you as it is for me. And it is true for everyone you meet or never meet. It is in knowing that the truth is ‘’there are NO accidents,’’ or ‘’there are NO mistakes. The universe doesn’t make junk or there really is NO litter, all is recyclable...eventually.'’ My struggles to accept my left-hand taught me much of this. Perspective makes ALL the difference.

---We ALL have realizations of this VALUE in varying amounts and it behooves us ALL to help to identify this in each other. When we appreciate anything or anyone, we do this. Remember: we are ALL in this together!

---We see that we give value to things when we value them. Just as we give love to things we love. A fact that is NOT to be taken lightly. This goes for appreciation, acceptance, understanding, etc., too.  Be Well.

---I know that it doesn't exactly mean this, but I couldn't resist!

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