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---Becoming immersed in The MINDSET concept. Different but, familiar.

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---Your MINDSET is being realized as very important.

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Carol Dweck

---We will use the language of Carol Dweck. She seems to deal in much the same things that cause many of the problems that I see at LHH. She has many talks on YouTube including four TEDtalks that are simple and very good. Her research and conclusions seem prevalent in our discussions.

---She doesn’t talk of the value system we start with per se as she feels that it will all change for the better when one has the mindset that fosters growth. The crux of her material seems to be The FIXED MINDSET vs. The GROWTH MINDSET.

---She defines the two as The FIXED MINDSET and The GROWTH MINDSET. The FIXED MINDSET - Talents, intelligence and abilities are at a fixed amount and you either have them or not, continuing from there doing the best you can. The goal is to never look dumb. Always look smart whether you are familiar with the subject or not. GROWTH MINDSET People realize that these talents, intelligence and abilities can be developed through EFFORT…learning to go from a FIXED to a GROWTH MINDSET. What you have is just a starting point...NO MATTER WHERE THAT IS.

---I see this pertaining to the situation at LHH in this way. Many are seen as having a FIXED MINDSET. They fit the spelled out criteria to a tee. This can and will be remedied if the research and insights of Carol Dweck and her colleagues are truly adopted at LHH. I find myself supporting much of what Carol D., says along these lines as I find it (and she) supports my own viewpoint quite well.  I would like to have coffee with Carol Dweck...if that could be arranged. (Just Kidding, sort of.) 

---She addresses something that I think is monumental. For years I have seen saving face to be one of biggest problems in our society. We hate to look bad. We say and do most anything to avoid this from being the case. People have a VERY easy time lying. We lie at times even when the truth would seem to serve just as well. NOT telling the truth, to fudge things just enough to have ourselves coming out smelling the least incriminated for our actions…seems to be the way. We very rarely report accurately if our reputation is on the line. At the same time, we are ready to throw practically anyone under the bus if it serves our purpose. Going from a FIXED to GROWTH MINDSET addresses that it is okay NOT to be perfect. To NOT allow mistakes can severely hamper ones growth. Her research addresses the downside of saving face in a way that makes one glad to be rid of it. To my way of thinking…this is a HUGE MOVE!

---Carol Dweck speaks of changing from a FIXED MINDSET (which many of us have) to a GROWTH MINDSET. The joys of learning and development and achieving are now in place (and where they actually should be) and one derives pleasure from developing his own talents. Everyone can partake in this. It usually takes learning or relearning that it is okay to NOT be perfect to begin with. She feels that many of us have a FIXED MINDSET because we were victimized by a reward system that sent incorrect messages that we in turn interpreted in a way that shows how our value lies in how smart, clever and perfect we are. It really DOESN’T matter where we begin this path from a FIXED MINDSET to a GROWTH MINDSET. What matters is that we begin.

---She, also, speaks of a valuable tool that we can use. It is the power of YET. We simply place the concept of yet at the end of a FIXED MINDSET statement/value and it becomes a GROWTH MINDSET statement/value. An example, ‘’I don’t know this…becomes, I don’t know this YET!’’ Another example, ‘’I haven’t learned this…becomes, I haven’t learned this YET!’’ Someone may have to sit with us and explain things for awhile, but there is very little that can’t be grasped eventually. We won't all become Einstein, but we will all become better AND closer to reaching and expressing our potential. A few things may have to be taught to get us up to speed, but the right kind of practice is worth its weight in gold. Being unteachable doesn’t happen often. There are very few people who don’t need to know something. There are very few who are not teachable from either knowing everything to those who are unable to learn something. Remember: Pavlov trained a pigeon to pull a lever to produce food. If we are above Einstein or below a pigeon, we probably don’t need this. The rest of us should maybe listen to a few Carol Dweck YouTubes. All patients will benefit from being seen with a GROWTH MINDSET than a FIXED MINDSET. That, also, includes patients with dementia...because the culture will be changed for the better. Be Well.

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MINDSET Book Recommendation (5 mins)

A School That Keeps on Learning (9 mins)

How You Can Fulfill Your Potential? (10 mins)

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---Not a whole lot of new material, but a good overview of what Carol Dweck presents. A short piece by Sir Ken, but I see how it is easier to grasp her material and how much, more relevant it could be for our situation. The picture is an illustration of how neurons connect synapses in the brain when learning takes place.

I posted many of SIR KEN's talks a few years ago. Much were concerned with how ''Schools are ruining our creativity!'' He was talking of ways to create an education system that took the whole individual into account...and NOT just mental intelligence.

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CAROL DWECK: ''The Growth Mindset'' Talks at Google

At about 24 mins she speaks of ways to add ''Growth Mindset'' to your place of business.

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Here is a subject that many can relate to.