Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The TASK + The TLC

The TASK and The TLC

---We will begin by being sure our definitions are on the same page. We can easily see what is meant by TASK. TLC is the Tender Loving Care that one uses in the situation. This can be or is not being incorporated into the TASK. I hope we are clear on the three conditions I am speaking of. 1] TASK alone (without TLC), 2] TLC alone (without TASK) and 3] The ideal state - the TASK + the TLC, together.

---Next, we can hang these conditions on our Care Partners. Our Care Partners are the people who help us in the moment we are in. The Care Partner is in someway communicating some degree of TASK + TLC. He is communicating some combination of TASK + TLC to the patient.

---The TASKs alone are the easier of the two, to measure. They are very quantitative. If you want something done and someone does it, you can say that the TASK is complete.

---A more difficult measurement is the TLC involved. We will use words like compassion, kindness and niceness to describe these states. We can have a needy care partner getting signs to back off or needy patient not getting much compassion from his Care Partner.

---An ideal here would be one of the correct amount of compassion, kindness and/or niceness passing between the Care Partner and Patient. It is based on what makes the situation run at the optimum. It is very important to know each other’s boundaries.

---Where does one see himself in these different conditions with those he/she deals with? Is the situation working or not? By adjusting the amount of TASK + TLC on either the Care Partner or Patient…is it possible to make the relationship better? You may realize by now that these measurements can easily translate to your everyday relationships, also. Be Well.