Sunday, April 15, 2007


---''Ladies and gentlemen. We are nexl going to talk to an Iceberg. I have to say, most of my interviews up to now, have involved living, breathing entities, but now we have an iceberg. We will see how this goes.''
---''I admit that this is a very strange interview, but I think that you will soon be comfortable, Chloe. What I have to say should be of interest.''
---''What do you have to say?''
---''Well, I will tell you that I am only a metaphor. But, here goes.
---''You have the floor.'''
---''The KEY TO IT ALL, is I am made of water. I may be what is called an iceberg. My ''label'' is an iceberg. I am made of the same thing that a snowman is made of. I won't go into temperature, and the like.''
---''Lay it on me.''
---''The only differences between me and other things of water, are in the realm of PROPORTIONs and THERMODYNAMICs. We may look different, but we are all made of the same thing. WATER.
---''This is a revelation. ALL of CREATION is made of the SAME thing. Is this same thing...the thing that we call God?''
---''There you go. Why it gets so complex or complicated to some, I do NOT know. Some have made it so unreachable...And, I don't think they know that. Now, that makes things sad.''
---''When you put things that way, SIMPLE, they make sense.'' CHLOE