Friday, October 16, 2015


---This is a gimmicky new homophonic way to get a thought through. We are all very aware of the 'Pain Clinic,' I think. The Pain Clinic is a way that we who have a chronic type of pain, can learn to best manage/live with it. I must admit, I have never been referred there, but know many who have. I, also, know many who are on the staff.

---What I am going to suggest is NOT brand spanking new and even been touched upon by many of the things that I, myself, write. I call it the 'Pane Clinic.' The homophone – two words that are pronounced the same, but are essentially unrelated. The 'PANE CLINIC,' basically, makes many of the same claims as the 'Pain Clinic,' but addresses things from a different perspective.

---At the 'Pane Clinic' we attempt to clear up the vision and visibility of the client involved. This runs on the belief that pain is not organic in nature and is able to be uprooted with the proper vision in its place. (There are many people who have touched upon this, and many who disagree...through a shortsightedness) I, also, believe that this vision is already contained within each person. Through a proper clearing away of all that is not that...we then have the chi, the viriditas**, the god force or whatever you want to call it, left. That does the healing.

---Here we have the truth that sets you free meeting Einstein's equation of E=MC2. At that point where matter changes to energy or the physical to spirit we have the vision getting clearer and/or the 'pane being cleaner' than it once was. This new visibility/vision ALLOWs* the healing. One now sees with new eyes. This dynamic is already very well known in different disciplines around the world. The major problem is that there are many beings who still don't (won't) understand its logic. They aren't comfortable with something so simple. It is based on love, compassion and kindness. Wellness is still the objective. It is still about being positive. Think on this for awhile. I think that it will be understood, eventually. Fear is still the biggest obstacle in the understanding. Be Well.

[As always...this is a draft and may be futzed with at anytime by the author.]

*The word ALLOWs was used instead of the word 'is'

**Spelling of 'viriditas'

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