Monday, April 18, 2016


How Everything Works Together!


---To look a little closer at why both statements are true...we must see the importance of self-acceptance. We find this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that we have. We must know and accept ourselves - AS WE ARE. If we don't do this, we find we are continually trying to knoand accept ourselves. Until we do...everything that we do has us wonder if we are GOOD some sense?

[IMPORTANT: We don't wait until we think we are PERFECT to accept ourselves. ACCEPT YOURSELF w/ SO-CALLED FLAWS + ALL. Eventually we stop playing this game of wondering if we are perfect or not?]

---Our GIFT is exposed in the answer we give to the above question. If one knows and accepts himself then...the above answer is YES. He will have NO trouble finding his gift. That will be who he is. If he is NOT convinced that it is okay to be himself, then he will answer the above question in the negative. He doesn't know or realize that HIS GIFT IS HIMSELF. It is IMPORTANT to know that EVERYONE REALIZES THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

---ONE finds that to ''give it away'' is this – to help others find who they are? PEOPLE ARE THEIR OWN GIFT! Everything that we need to know is contained within. We give it away in the sense that we help others find who they are...AND, KNOW THAT THE 'BEST' THEY CAN BE IS - TO BE THEMSELVES! You have given away the knowledge that YOUR GIFT IS YOURSELF.


---To summarize – if one fully knows that he is good enough...then he will have already 'accepted himself.' He will progress further. He will realize that MAN IS HIS OWN GIFT. By optimizing who he is (reaching his own potential OR  actualizing who he is) he WILL know that he is on course. Otherwise, he won't. Be Well.

The irony of all this is - it either sounds like a jumble of words to you OR it doesn't.

Audiobook by Jiddu Krishnamurti

---I read this and many of JK's books in the 1970's.

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