Friday, July 8, 2016

WINNER'S and LOSER's: Second Installment

Winner's and Loser's

Second Installment

12 Winners try different strategies when they are not getting the results they want. Losers do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
13 Winners set goals. Losers lack goals.
14 Winners plan. Losers hate having a plan.
15 Winners believe there are always things to be learn. Losers consider themselves as an expert even though they know little.
16 Winners are humble. Losers are egoistic.
17 Winners continue to hone their skill every other day without fail. Losers make little effort in honing their skill.
18 Winners work hard. Losers avoid work.
19 Winners give their best for the things that they decide to do. Losers work half heartedly in everything that they do.
20 Winners are persistent and will do whatever it takes (ethical means) to achieve their goal. Losers give up when obstacles pop up.
21 Winners manage their time well and indulge in high value activities that will bring them closer to their goals. Losers lack time management skills and indulge in time wasting activities like playing games and watching re runs for the umpteen time.
22 Winners dream in the day. Losers dream in bed.

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