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---The NUTSHELL VERSION of SLOW MEDICINE as written about by Dr. Victoria Sweet (God's Hotel) seems to be to allow the viriditas (much of the discovery is attributed to Hildegard of Bingen, who was a doctor and nun of the twelfth century) to do its’ work (If you will) unopposed.  To me it is much the same as ‘’things will heal if we let them’’ - we cut our finger and it heals over time. Could you imagine what life would be like if it didn't?

Terry Becker Story

---What Dr. Carol Dweck has done is apply this same concept to learning. Through the power of yet…we have, (if you will) the finger that is cut, and (through the work of the viriditas) will heal if allowed. Or, we can say, the finger that is is NOT healed, YET - will heal if allowed.

---The FIXED MINDSET of Carol Dweck doesn’t allow the viriditas to work. It opposes it from completing its’ task. In the same sense, we see that by adding the concept of YET to The FIXED MINDSET Statement, we have allowed the viritidas to do its’ thing and complete what is set in motion to do - to repair things. The FIXED MINDSET, now…becomes GROWTH MINDSET!

---In both cases, we have the natural process of healing being interfered with (or thwarted by) something, that when removed - the natural flow is once again established. It is much the same as a dam in a river being removed so the water can flow again. When the dam is in place, we can say the water doesn’t flow…or flow YET. When the dam is removed the water can flow and NOT be interfered with. Yet implies that waters flow is being interfered with and can flow under different conditions.

---The bedsore of Terry Becker, the patient of Dr. Sweet was NOT healed YET…living the lifestyle of being on the streets with her boyfriend. She was definitely in a FIXED MINDSET at the beginning. The dam was removed when she stopped living like that (stopped opposing the viriditas from working) and began working with life (the viriditas) and became one with the healing. Her mindset changed to a GROWTH MINDSET during this process. It was then pretty much the same as the finger being healed of the cut. It will if you allow it. That's the way our universe is set up. Be Well.

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