Sunday, March 15, 2015


---Communication is the cornerstone of ALL relationship. The rapport created by the interaction is of utmost importance. The
objective of ALL communication is to convey one's message or thoughts clearly to another in as pleasant a manner as possible.
---The role of the resident is to clearly convey his thoughts and message as clearly + as briefly (to the point) as possible. To be willing to work out (through a kind of compromise) a pleasant solution (for a timeframe the PCA is able to carry out the needs and preferences of the resident.) The commitment is the fact that this is what the care partner's job description says that he/she is hired to the very least. (The quality of the interaction is the measure of the degree of the pleasantness involved.)
    1. Communication - To convey WHAT is necessary as clearly and briefly as possible
    2. Compromise - WHEN the task can be carried out. It is worked out to maintain a copacetic environment. (Remember that that particular resident is NOT the care partner's only patient.)
    3. Commitment - The quality of the interaction is simply the PLEASANTNESS of the exchange.

    1. Resident/Patient isn't many times clear on his/her needs + preferences. He can hem + haw a lot.
    2. Care Partner's turn to hew + haw about how busy they are. Patient usually say that need for item is immediate. The argument between the two can easily last longer than task argued about.
   3. OFTEN enter into dealings with each with MANY ASSUMPTIONS...that are NOT accurate. Neither side is very objective...much of the time.

Notes from a couple of recent meetings.

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