Thursday, March 19, 2015



---We the people of The HOSPITAL (staff, residents and volunteers) in order to give the taxpayer his fair shake in all-of-this provides that we will all do the best job possible to create a therapeutic environment that bespeaks ‘’wellness’’ at every turn.

---Our objective is to get the best from each resident as they heal in our hallowed halls. We realize that each patient/resident is equipped differently and brings his own set of needs and preferences with him, for better or for worse, is pointed toward improving the quality of his/her life…no matter what that may be.

---It is understood and accepted that the staff and volunteer are here to best make that happen in a way that brings results that are agreed upon by the parties concerned. That includes the resident/patient himself unless a different course of action is in play (conservator, etc.)

---We understand and accept that a certain amount of funds are set aside for this purpose. The funding is used to create that therapeutic environment aforementioned.

---The purpose of this document is to clarify our purposes for being here in the first place and to make a harmonious environment through our interactions that has therapeutic as a common goal.

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